Friday, May 21, 2010

Body Paint Bikini

Bikini Body Paint Design

Every woman's body is unique. They are like fingerprints. There are no two in the world that are of the same proportion or skin tone. A female's body is extremely complex and exhibits exceptional depth. A painted on bikini shows off her unique stature and ultimate sex appeal.
If you've ever wanted to have a swimsuit painted on your body, don't delay because you think it's a difficult process. Actually, it's a very relaxing and expeditious event that you are sure to enjoy.
Step 1
First, you would most likely seek out an artist who's work you admire. If an individual can paint properly on canvas, they can surely develop art on a woman's body. Get references of their work and compare shop with multiple artists.
Step 2
Be sure that you are comfortable with being completely disrobed and exposed in front of this person. If it's a stranger, then you may want to take along a friend and inquire as to whether there will be female assistants in the room.
Step 3
Make sure your body is completely hairless. A total body wax a few days before the session would be recommended.
Step 4
The day of the session, give any input as to what you are looking for. Let the artist know if you are looking for a traditional, brazilian or micro bikini look or an exotic design like scales and flowers painted on.
Step 5
Sit back and enjoy the experience. After the majority of the artwork has been applied, the artist will use a brush for fine detail and touch ups. The average application time is about one to two hours.
Step 6
Once completed there is a one to two hour window in which you can take photos or show off your original swimsuit design. After that time, the paint may begin to crack, especially if you are moving around a lot.
Getting a body paint bikini is a wonderful experience. It further expresses your body's uniqueness plus you'll have something to brag about and show off to all of your friends. Enjoy.

Body Painting Art - Nude Female and Male Body Painting

In fact we are fond of painting our bodies since prehistoric times. In past we were used to paint our bodies with materials like natural dyes, paints and pigments. In some cases we used ash, and clay, too.
The markings that the people make on their bodies are thought to have magical powers with which one could ward off evil spirits or the tribal enemies. Such was the thinking in past. The painting of bodies was also coined with celebrating of auspicious occasions like New Year or a dance party. Same practice can still observed in the indigenous populations of the countries like New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and certain parts of Africa.
In India the women and men are fond of using Henna. It is a colour extracted from a plant of Henna; it is also known as Mehandi. This type of body painting with Henna has been a fashion in India and the Middle East since many years. People paint their hands and legs and other parts of body with Henna during auspicious ceremonies like weddings. The use of henna or Mehandi has become popular in the Western countries, too, since last two decades.
The art of body painting is not a new phenomenon in the countries of South America, too. People here have been using indigenous materials to paint their body and body parts. They use wet charcoal and other materials available in the local surrounding. In some parts of America, a material known as Huito is used to paint the bodies and faces. Huito is a black dye, and it takes weeks to fade away.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sexy girl body painting is Cool

Sexy girl body painting is Cool

A girl posing for photos while before appearing for body painting contest, using a modern body painting theme.

Irina Shayk Body Paint in the Beach


Irina Shayk goes nude for a body paint session photo for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sexy Body Painting - Casino

A model with a body painting with Casino as the theme.

Ashley Greene Naked And Bodypainted

Twilight star Ashley Greene pose nude in bodypaint in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year, even though she didn't pose for the magazine.

Ashley Greene bodypainted

Greene, dressed in nothing but some pink paint, will appear in ads for SoBe that will run in the annual Swimsuit Issue, out next month, which is also full of naked and bodypainted professional models.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cozy is Cool Girl Body Painting Ideas

A body painting festival filled with new ideas that body painting held at Hawaii. One example of digital design with the theme of body paint which was runner up in the modern body painting festival.

Body Painting: Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo body painting

Henna tattoos are an ancient custom in India: girls and women are body painted before ceremonies, like marriage. They painted complicated patterns on their hands and feet to symbolize their fertility.
Henna (or 'Mehndi', the Indian name) is made from the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). The leaves of the plant are dried and ground. The powder gets mixed with water and you get a sort of green-brownish mud. If you put that mud on your skin, let it harden, and then peel it off, you will notice it has left an orange color.
You can get your henna at an eastern shop or a 'souk' in many different colors. There's orange, mahogany, brown and black. The orange one is the traditional henna. The black henna is synthetic. It contains PDD (P-phenylenediamene) and can cause allergic reactions. Even if it doesn't cause irritations, it's still unhealthy. Moreover, in the past, black henna at your wedding was considered a disgrace.
Henna Recipe
With one pack of henna, you'll have enough to body paint the entire football team. Put the henna in a bowl and gently pour some lemon juice and boiling water in the bowl. Don't use too much water, the mud has to resemble the thickness of sate sauce. The purpose of the lemon juice is to help the color hold better on your skin.
Your skin should be clean, dry and not fat. If you want to color your nails too, they shouldn't have nail polish on them. Make sure you really want this, because your nails will be orange for about 2 months. It doesn't come off! When the henna is cold, you can get to painting.
If you want to paint your foot soles, which is a traditional custom in Marokko, make sure you have a pillow of some kind to keep your feet off the floor, before you know it, the henna mud is everywhere! You can apply the henna with all sorts of instruments, what works best is a syringe (without the needle of course).
Symmetric and geometric shapes work best. Don't make the lines too thin, the color won't come on to your skin very well. The bigger the surface, the brighter the color will be.
Now: the annoying part: Waiting...
Let the henna dry in the sun, the warmth of the sun will get your color deeper into your skin. You can also use a hairdryer.
If you make a mistake in the picture your painting: ACT QUICKLY! If you wipe it off too late, the henna will leave a red spot.
After a while, the henna will start to burst. Don't peel it off yet! The henna has to stay on for at least two hours. Then you can start removing the crusts of mud.
DON'T remove the henna with water! Just scrape the crusts of your skin, you can do this with a bold knife. Don't let your body painting get in touch with water for the first couple of hours. Right after you scraped off all the crusts, rub your skin in with olive oil. It will make the color brighter and help keep the color on as long as possible. Your henna painting will survive for about a month or so.
Also nice to know: Swimming, body peeling, scrubbing your back, and bodyscrub products will make the henna tattoo deteriorate faster.

Europa Girls Tattoo With Breast Dragon Tattoo Design

Rata PenuhHot Girls Tattoo  With Images Breast Dragon Tattoo Design Art  PictureSexy Girls Tattoo With Breast Dragon Tattoo Design
You may be thinking, why can not I use a search engine to find a good feminine dragon tattoo? Whether you see the big search engines to find information, because they can read the text and use many other factors to determine whether to provide you with the best information. However, when you're looking for a tattoo design, search engines can not say what the quality of a particular design, or how the original was. This will throw up results with good information about the feminine dragon tattoo, but will not really give great design you are looking for.

At this point, you may be thinking what about Google Images? This wont basis of my information, it will only show the picture. This is true, and you may find some great design in this way but the problem is that you are not the first person who thought to use Google images to find a tattoo design. In fact, millions of others have seen and used the Google image design vomiting so you'll end up with the same thing as everyone else. And I'm sure that's not what you look for in a tattoo.

So where is the best place to go for a great feminine dragon tattoo designs? It may surprise you, but one of the best places to go is a big tattoo forums around online. This forum has thousands of users constantly adding fresh content, and if you go into their archives section you will find links to some of the biggest and best tattoo art gallery online. If you spend some time on this forum you may also arise a real gem that you will be proud to have tattoos.

American Girl Tribal Tattoo Design

American Girl Tribal Tattoo DesignAmerican Girl Tribal Tattoo DesignAmerican Girl Tribal Tattoo DesignAmerican Girl Tribal Tattoo Designasian_sexy_tribal_tattoo.jpg

Beautiful Girl Tattoo galery

Girl Tattoo Design

Style dragon tattoo for girl

Buterfly tattoo in back

Trendy Yakuza Body Paint Design

Trendy Yakuza Body Paint Design

France's model girl shows the Art Body Paint all over her body, with the theme of Japanese Yakuza pictures.

Japanese Geisha Body Painting Festival

A semi nude participant in World Body Painting Festival with Japanese Geisha theme.

Japanese Geisha Body Painting Festival
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