Friday, July 24, 2009

Leighton meester wrist tattoo

Leighton meester wrist tattoo
Celebrity Leighton meester wrist tattoo
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Rib Tattoo-Spacious Creativity

rib tattoo designs
rib tattoos for girlsRib tattoo in the present image is simply wonderful – there is a big long-neck duck in the backdrop of water-born plants; the color is that much great and soothing too!

Rib tattoo, generally known as the most painful body art, gives a big canvas for the tattoo artist to show the creativity; provided, the tattoo artist must be very careful inking the rib tattoo as this is most sensitive body area. Still, pain factor is temporary in rib tattoo. Rich and vibrant colors are used.

Different kinds of rib tattoos are there – flowers (stargazer lily, Hawaiian flowers, and orchid), dragons, butterflies, snakes, angels, birds, and cross tattoos.

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Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal-Feel Free from Tattooed Skin

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Removal treatmentDermabrasion tattoo removal is the most effective method of tattoo removal. One must first seek a certified surgeon who is well aware of the Dermabrasion tattoo removal. Normally, the skin is properly cleaned with an antiseptic agent, and the tattoo area is sprayed with a cold substance that usually freezes the skin.

Then with a high speed rotating dermabrasion machine, the outer layer of the skin, where the tattoo was marked once, is peeled off. Dermabrasion tattoo removal involves risk factors, including scarring, infections, discoloration, and pain.

It may take weeks to heal totally. Post Dermabrasion tattoo removal involves cleaning the area and reapplying the antiseptic ointment till the re-growth of the new skin.

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Cross Tattoo-Affiliation to God

cross tattoo designs
cross tattoo with wingsNot merely based on the faith, but also for the freedom in the name of God, Cross tattoo signifies one’s own faith and compassion wrapped with religion.

Cross tattoo can be placed in different places, including upper arm, chest, back and lower-back, shoulder, waist, and wrists. The present Cross tattoo is a fantastic representation of the biblical art; it is looking stubborn and the color black is quite appropriate here.

It brings out the real cross feeling from the image. Besides the religious faith, Cross tattoos are accepted as the modern symbol and fashion statement among the youths of all walks.

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Engel Tattoo-Eternal Salvation

engel tattoo designs
back engel tattooWow! What a nice CHERUB Engel tattoo sitting on the back-neck! Cherub Engel tattoo image is a baby Angel boy. Here it is a little Angel girl, bringing love and joy in human life.

The person chooses this offbeat place; though Engel tattoo is pretty familiar in upper arm or chest for guys and shoulder, mid-back portion, and chest for women. Engel tattoo is inked in belief of personal protection and safety.

It also signifies passion, peace, beauty, devotion, faith, spirituality, innocence, and purity. The Engel tattoo is also believed to guide and control individual under difficult circumstances. The present one shows a kind of innocent love and care.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

gangsta tattoo full on hand

gangsta tattoo full on hand

gangsta tattoo on hand

gangsta tattoo on hand

Lower Back Tattoos Pictures

Lower Back TattooDragon tattoo on black woman lower back.

Lower Back TattooA woman sleeping with peacock lower back tattoo.

Lower Back TattooMaori lower back tattoo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grapevine Tattoo-Let us celebrate life

Grapevine Tattoo for girls
Grapevine Tattoo designsIt is associated with life’s bounty and is a sign of abundance. The grapevine tattoos enjoy a lifelong popularity. They were linked with the Roman and Greek Gods who’s picture would be incomplete without Grapevine crowns and overflowing wine in that.

Since then, they have become symbolic to celebrating life and have paved their way to an individual’s skin too. Grapevine tattoos can be worked on any part of the body. It can take the shape of a collar round the neck, a bracelet around the wrist or go up to one’s leg from the ankle.

These popular grapevine tattoos have aged gracefully with us but will live on forever through this beautiful and ever-lasting art of tattoo.

Tree tattoo-Sheltering your life

tree tattoo pictures
tree tattoo on ribsOne heart encloses many dreams within and those dreams take birth in the form of realities. This is what is represented by the heart shaped trunk of this tree tattoo. The embedded wishes in the form of roots give birth to long and growing fulfilled wishes in the form of branches.

Moreover, this shelter of life, as we have been reading about it since childhood, is symbolic to fertility and is known to spreading warmth on us. This tree tattoo also carries a legacy of stories. The most interesting one is of the Asian culture, according to who, men hung from trees like fruits until they were plucked and then they came to life.

So, the trees became the ancestors of mankind. Lord Buddha too received English testaments under the branches of a Bodhi Tree. This tree tattoo has acted as a shelter for life for many and is still serving the purpose through the art of tattoo.

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Deepika Padukone tattoo-All for RK

deepika padukone tattoo images
deepika padukone tattoo picturesIt is like one of those Bollywood dialogue – main tumhare liye jaan de doonga, (read the addition) tattoo kya cheez hai. Yes, the latest fad amongst our Hindi film couples is getting the name of their loved one tattooed on their skin.

While Chote Nawab got her current beau Kareena’s name inscribed on his fore-arm, our beautiful lady, Deepika has got the initials of her boyfriend, Ranbeer Kapoor inscribed on the back of her neck.

The subtle flaunt of this tattoo by Deepika well balances her privacy and her shy feminine nature. Well, this display of affection is all yours, Deepika very much like the man himself.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pictures Of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly TattooColorful butterflies tattoo on the girl's hand.

Butterfly TattooLovely green butterfly tattoo on the back of a swimming athlete.

Butterfly TattooA woman with butterfly tattoo on her arm being tattooed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sacred heart tattoo designs

pictures of sacred heart tattoo
sacred heart tattoo images
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egyptian isis tattoo designs

egyptian tattoo symbols
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Virgo tattoo-Accessorize your body with this jewelry

pictures of virgo tattoos
virgo tattoo picsA zodiac sign tattoo always hints at certain attributes attached to it. While you may have read a lot about this Virgo sign in particular, there is one meaning that it constantly associates with. It is ‘Virgin’, something untouched, another sign for purity.

This particular depiction of purity is illustrated through the alphabet ‘m’ which extends and forms a heart. It is further accessorized by decorating the alphabet with rings, dots and different patterns.

So, while you take your time to decipher different meanings out of this Virgo tattoo design, I suggest go ahead and get this beautiful piece of art accessorized on your body first.

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Cherry Blossom tattoo-Short lived but long remembered

cherry blossom tattoo pictures
cherry blossom tattoo artThe four to five petal flowers earns its respect and honor because of the brief time it spends on earth and we all long for this short lived sight of beauty. The Cherry Blossom tattoo is a realization of living the brief but special moments in life.

Moreover, one can live this honor forever by getting it permanently marked on your body in the form of a tattoo.

Cherries carry the delight of freshness and delicacy anyway but this tattoo holds a deeper meaning. This simple body art is wrapped with strength to battle with bad times. So, go ahead adorn this meaningful and beautiful tattoo on you.

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Lion Tattoo-The Tattoo King

lion tattoo pictures
lion tattoo artIt is the respect he gets out of fear and the courage that he walks with. The Lion commands royalty, fearlessness and admiration, because he is the King of the Jungle. This is what the handsome tattoo is signifying.

The very royal Lion tattoo is a tribute to all the qualities a man likes to possess to be a ruler. The Lion, also representing the zodiac sign of Leo catches attention of many in awe and admiration. This particular one becomes further interesting to look at, because of its flame like design connoting fire.

His sharp eyes, a sign of watchfulness again connect it to the meaning of power and fear. All this combined; this tattoo is for the arrogant man royally carrying the attitude to be a king.

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