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Statue of Liberty Line Work


Joe Rogan


Aztec Calendar




sagittarius symbol

Back Tat

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

Leg Tat


My 1st Tattoo

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pisces Tattoo-Show off Your Creative Flair

pisces tattoo images
horoscope tattoo imagesPersons born in 20th February to 20th March are more prone to having Pisces Tattoo. Youths having the Pisces Zodiac signs wear Pisces tattoo in legs, arms, chests, back portions, upper buttocks, and shoulders.

Pisces tattoo bearers are artistic, romantic, committed, loving, affectionate, understandable, and very much caring to get along in any relationship. The typical symbol for Pisces tattoo is fish and colors include purple, mauve, violet, aquamarine, and sea green.

The Pisces tattoo in the image is warm and cute – the fishes are set under the blue sea and are ligatured with one another in an intimate pose. All in all, it looks tidy and sensible.

Tag : zodiac Pisces tattoos, tribal pisces tattoos,pisces tattoos designs

Kate gosselin ankle tattoo designs

kate gosselin tattoo tattoo
kate gosselin tattoo design
Tag : kate gosselin tattoo, ankle tattoo, celebrity tattoo

Rosary Ankle Tattoo-Devotional Adornment

rosary ankle tattoo images
cross and rosary tattoo picturesComing from the Latin word 'rosarium' that means garland of roses, Rosary ankle tattoo is worn by females around the world in belief of a timeless symbol of Catholicism.

The beads in Rosary ankle tattoo are arranged in such a way as to depict the different episodes in the life of Christ in the form of prayer and devotion. The cross portion of the Rosary ankle tattoo resting on the foot top shows a different dimension of beautification in the lap of religious mantra.

Other than that of its religious value, some tattoo enthusiasts wear Rosary ankle tattoo in memory of the loved one.

Tag : rosary tattoo designs,ankle rosary tattoo,cross and rosary tattoos

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Full Color Tattoos For Girls

New Full Color Tattoos For GirlsNew Full Color Tattoos For Girls

Body Tattoos For Girls a Rose, Key, Jewerly

Body Tattoos For Girls a Rose, Key, JewerlyBody Tattoos For Girls

Tattoos for Girls in Lower Back aobut Face Cat

Tattoos for Girls in Lower Back aobut Face CatTattoos for Girls in Lower Back

Flower Ankle Tattoo-Eye Candy and Soothing

flower ankle tattoo image
ankle tattoo pictureFlower ankle tattoos grab attentions. It gives an intricate touch to one’s personality – when bare footed or only with flip flop, the flower ankle tattoos are revealed to eyes, winning big wows. The present yellow and orange hibiscus with leaves on foot gives a warm and caring effect.

Females throughout the world love to sport with flower ankle tattoos. The whole idea is to hypnotize the onlookers with invaluable beauties that are worth more than million bucks.

Only, one must take good care while tattooing since it is the boney part and does not have lot of flesh to cushion the pain. Post tattooing process is important as well.

Tag :ankle tattoo designs,ankle tattoos,flower ankle tattoos,small ankle tattoos

Nicole richie virgin tattoo design

celebrity tattoo designs
nicole richie tattoo imageTag : nicole richie tattoo, celebrity tattoo, nicole richie rosary tattoo

Chest Tattoo-Wide n’ Warm

chest tattoo images
chest tattoo designsChest tattoo is the simple procession of the men and women of all walks. Unlike other body areas, chest gives a wide canvas to ink chest tattoo with wonderful forms like flowers, hearts, wings, butterflies, portraits, and different other interesting and intricate motifs.

Women especially use their breasts as a popular surface to flaunt with chest tattoo. Chest tattoos have another advantage – it can be hidden within the clothes the time you want.

The lady in this image has a nice chest tattoo that is partly visible-it is a line drawing with pigeons and heart sign in the middle.

Tag :upper chest tattoos,tribal chest tattoos,full chest tattoos

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anita Tattoos For Girls

tattoos for girls, lips tattoos for girls, Girl Tattoo, girls tattoo designs, sexy girls tattoos, Anita Tattoos For Girls

tattoos for girls, lips tattoos for girls, Girl Tattoo, girls tattoo designs, sexy girls tattoos,

Duo Tattoos For Girls

art tattoo picture collections, art tattoo picture collections, Art Tattoo, girls tattoo designs, Girl Tattoo, girl tattoos,

Tattoos For Girl In Tattoo Me Now

girl tattoos, sexy girls tattoos, Art Tattoo, tattoo for girls,

Tattoo Me Now - nice katty perrysmall tattoo

katty perrysmall tattoos

Tattoo Me Now - beauty rib tattoos for girls with lotus tattoos

rib tattoos for girls, lotus tatoos, flower tattoo,  rib tattoos,  tattoos on rib, sexy girls tattoos, Cute tattoos,

Tattoos For Girls about Keha K large

Tattoos For Girls about Keha K largeTattoos For Girls about Keha K large

Tattoos For Girls about Christina Aguilera

Tattoos For Girls about Christina AguileraTattoos For Girls about Christina Aguilera

Sexy Pink Tattoos for Girls

Sexy Pink Tattoos for GirlsSexy Pink Tattoos for Girls

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tattoo Me Now - good tattoos for girls with sun tattoo designs

feet tattoos, cute tattoo, girls tattoos, good tattoos for girls, sun tattoo

Tattoo Me Now - black bull tattoo for tattoos designs

bull tattoo, tattoos designs, girl tattoos, tattoos for girls

Sexy Flower in Lower Back Tattoos for Girls

Sexy Flower in Lower Back Tattoos for GirlsSexy Flower in Lower Back Tattoos for Girls

Sexy Tattoo for Coeur De PiRaTe

Sexy Tattoo for Coeur De PiRaTeSexy Tattoo for Coeur De PiRaTe

Wifes back sexy tattoos for girls

Wifes back sexy tattoos for girlsWifes back sexy tattoos for girls

Tattoo Me Now - soft tattoos for girls backs inspiration for IMAGINATION TATTOOS

tattoos for girls backs, imagination tattoo, soft tattoo, tattoos for girls, girls tattoos,   sexy back tattoo, girl and tattoo,,, of course many people know, when girls and tattoos like clothes and pants, they are inseparable.
many tattoo designs are very suitable girl like TATTOO FOR GIRLS BACK, designs tattoos for girls backs look very exotic appearance to perfection urban girls ...

okey girls , i hope you like it .........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thousands of Great Tattoo Design Ideas -All In One Place

If you’re looking for great tattoo designs why not make it easy on yourself. Instead of hunting all over the internet leaving a trail of bookmarks, find yourself a great one-stop tattoo design site.

Well for one thing you get thousands of designs to choose from, all in one place. And if you started off with one idea it’s super-easy to explore your options. Chances are, you’ll find something far better than your first idea. And that’s important – you’ve got to be 100% happy with your tattoo design choice. The more you’ve seen the more you can be sure you picked the best of the best.

TattooMeNow gives you instant access to more than 3,500 tattoo designs in 40 categories AND more than 3,300 Chinese signs and words. No way you’d find this many designs browsing around! Simply pick your favourites, bookmark them and revisit whenever you like for that all-important second (or third or fourth!) impression – couldn’t be easier. You can even combine two tattoos into one, giving you more than 120,000 possibilities for a totally unique tattoo design. Of course a great tattoo design is one thing. Ending up with a great tattoo is another – not always the case when a tattooist has to work with is blurry shot off the internet. At TattooMeNow, you can print off crystal clear designs that make the difference between a disappointing tattoo and a “wow” factor tattoo.

If you’re new to tattooing, TattooMeNow has a directory of over 10,000 tattoo studios in 38 countries, plus a forum where you can get tips, ideas and recommendations from experienced tattoo artists and fans.

Tattoo Me Now - cool small tattoos ( star tattoos and script tattoos) for GIRL TATTOOS

star tattoos. tattoo star designs,   script tattoos,  girl tattoos,  Cool tattoos,  small tattoos

Tattoo Me Now - hayden panettiere tattoo with script tattoos on side tattoos

hayden panettiere tattoo, Celebrity tattoos,  script tattoos, tattoo script designs, tattoo fonts, tattoo lettering, tattoo writing
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