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Pictures Of Star Tattoos

Star TattooStars under unicorn tattoo on the arm.

Simple star tattoo on the man's shoulder.

Star TattooThree stars tattoo on the sleeve.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Laser Treatment Tattoo Removal-No Scar & No Pain

laser tattoo removal image
picture after laser tattoo removalAre you not happy with the tattoo inked on your skin? Laser treatment tattoo removal process is the best idea then. Though costly ($200 to $500 per session) to some extent, laser treatment tattoo removal does not generally harm surrounding skin and completely remove the tattoo.

Depending on the color, size of the tattoo, ink type, and tattoo age, the dermatologist will decide how many Laser treatment tattoo removal sessions will actually be required. Some discoloration and change in skin texture will occur after the removal.

Only, you have to be cautious not to expose your skin in sun till it is healed. Q-switched Nd: YAG, the Q-switched Ruby, and Q-switched Alexandrite lasers are mostly used in this treatment.

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Butterfly Fairy Tattoo-In Search of Feminine Look

butterfly fairy tattoo pics
pictures of butterfly fairy tattoosButterfly fairy tattoo is an emblem of feminism – the wings of a butterfly remaining the same, while the insect is replaced by a fairy. Butterfly fairy tattoo is looking sexy and attractive. Women, in general, flaunt with butterfly fairy tattoo.

Different colors are used in this kind of tattoos, and placement is basically on the shoulder, arm, chest, back, and waist. The present butterfly fairy tattoo is really looking cute; the multicolored fairy is winging in the sky with a league of butterflies and takes the pride in showing herself as one of them.

There are stars and wind-marks. The person must be very jovial and loving in nature it seems.

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Harley Tattoo-Masculine and Stubborn

picture of harley davidson tattoo
harley davidson tattoo imagesThis should be the most creative and glaring Harley tattoo you have ever seen – flaming skulls in black, red, and yellow. Other typical and famous motifs in the Harley tattoos are glittering roses or landing eagles or wings.

Bike enthusiasts, for love of bike, usually tattoo the Harley tattoo designs on their bodies in different parts, arm, shoulder, back and back-neck. Some also use multiple Harley tattoos using the full body.

Colors are vivid and the drawings are bold enough to match the characteristics of Harley tattoos. Harley tattoos are well-known among the bikers who are mesmerized by the Harley Davidson insignia.

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Henna Tattoo-Original and Eye-Catching

free henna tattoo pictures
pictures of henna tattoosHenna tattoo designs are quite popular among the youths for its vibrant and unique color, undefined edges, and temporary stay on body parts. Originated basically in India and known as Mehndi Art, Henna tattoos are used for different occasions – marriage, Eid, Diwali, Mawlid, Passover, Nawroz, etc.

Other than the specific body parts – such hands and legs – Henna tattoo is used like real tattoos in different forms, that of Celtic tattoos, tribal patterns, and Christian Icons, on different body parts like arm, shoulder, back, and ankle. Brown, red, rich red-brown, and orange are the colors available.

Sometimes, black Henna tattoo is also done using paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a toxic hair dye that is harmful to skin. The present Henna tattoo is a wonderful design of black flowers.

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Oriental Dragon Tattoo-Formidable and Legendary

picture of oriental dragon tattoo
oriental dragon tattoo imagesOriental dragon tattoo, taken from folklore, mesmerizes youths from all over the world. Having scales, horns, bigger nails, wings, and capacity to fire from mouth, oriental dragon tattoo is a symbol of power, freedom, and wisdom.

They come from the bottom of sea or from the top of the sacred mountains. Inked in either black-and-white or in multicolor, oriental dragon tattoos take place on arm, shoulder, back, chest, back portion, and legs.

The present image steals a wow from onlookers for its vivid colors and fantastic placement on arm. It is a blue dragon wrapped with clouds and red fires. Like other oriental dragon tattoos, it has horns; so, it is clearly a Chinese one.

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