Friday, October 30, 2009

Pete wentz got in tattoo ink

Pete Wentz may have a bizarre new tattoo, but at least he has proven to be a man of his word. According to a source, Ashlee Simpson’s husband “promised Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta that if the first single from their sophomore release “HOT MESS” went to platinum, he would get a Cobra Starship related tattoo on his body to commemorate the achievement.
When the single “Good Girls Gone Bad” far exceeded all expectations, Pete hit the tattoo parlor. The joke was on him though when Saporta wittingly chose an image of himself with the phrase “Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad” to grace Wentz’s calve - a permanent reminder of Cobra Starship’s success and Gabe’s face.” Check out Pete’s new ink and other fabulous celebrity tattoos.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jessica simpson got new henna tattoo

jessica simpson henna tattoo image
jessica simpson heart henna tattoo
Jessica get new henna tattoo in india last week.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lady gaga tribute new tattoo to her father

lady gaga new tattoo
lady gaga new tattoo picture
Tag : lady gaga new tattoo, lady gaga arm tattoo

khloe kardashian and Lamar Odom got same tattoo

khole lamer new tattoo
khole kardashian new love tattoo
hkole kardashian wedding tattoo
Tag :khloe kardashian tattoo, celebrity tattoo

Brad pitt got new back tattoo

brad pitt new tattoo image
brad pitt back tattoo image
Tag : brad pitt tattoo,celebrity tattoo

Cancer Sign Tattoo-Intelligent and Interesting

picture of cancer sign tattoo
cancer sign tattoo imagesImage-wise depicted, Cancer sign tattoo is a crab; its glyph comes as 69, symbolically drawn as pair of spirals. Person, born between 22nd June & 22nd July, generally ink Cancer sign tattoo on different body parts, including shoulders, back and lower-back areas, arms, and chest.

The present image has a person having the glyph, 69, inked with adjoining three stars, all in black color. It shows the majestic presence of empathetic, caring, sensible, and self-actualized nature of the person.

There can be several other interesting forms of the glyph and the crab – sometimes Cancer sign tattoo is based on forms, and sometimes, the intricate details occupy the visual needs, as well.

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Maori Tattoo-Bold and Beautiful

maori tattoo designs
arm maori tattoo design pictureIt is the most fascinating Maori tattoo chiseled on the back-legs; it is an artistic permutation and combination of black fillers, spirals, and lines. Maori tattoo is exotic, vibrating, and simply eye catching, an art in itself.

Originated from New Zealand, Maori tattoo is very much popular among youths. Unlike the real Maori people having it drawn on face, lips, temples, chin, brows, and center forehead area, the young generation flaunt with Maori tattoo, also known as ‘Ta Moko,’ on different body-parts as per their choices.

Black is the main color. Though, blue-black, green, red, and brown also dominated the artistic search.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aztec sun tattoo designs

aztec sun tattoo image
aztec sun tattoo design picture
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Aztec Tattoo-For Renewal and Regeneration

aztec tattoo sign pictures
aztec tattoo sign on armsAztec tattoo sign has shown devotion to the nature God for peace and prosperity. It also states the rebirth and afterlife. People ink the Aztec tattoo sign on basically chest, wrist, and stomach to give prayers to the Almighty, the Sun god, considered as the greatest power of all.

It is a contemporary art form, besides its being as fashion symbol. The present Aztec tattoo sign as a face inside the orb is a pictorial depiction of Sun.

It is a humanized tattoo, geometrical in shape with simple and obviously,wonderful visual appeal. The bold lines hold the honest search of divinity behind the figure.

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Aries Tribal Tattoo-Quivering Energy

Picture of Aries Tribal Tattoo
Aries Tribal Tattoo designsAh! What a nice balance of space and use of striking colors! The predominant use of black in the backdrop of red ‘V’ sign, representing the mythical ram of this fabulous Aries tribal tattoo, is ultimately taming the eyesight of the passersby.

Aries tribal tattoo is the recent fashion look among the teenagers because of its simplicity and adherence to more symmetric consumption of tattoo area; in particular, it enhances the authentic accord of design and personality of the person, carrying it on various body parts.

Aries tribal tattoo, depicting the enthusiasm, action, confidence, courage, and responsibility, is visible on different body parts – arm, shoulder, back and lower-back, ankle, and wrist.

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