Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tree tattoo-Sheltering your life

tree tattoo pictures
tree tattoo on ribsOne heart encloses many dreams within and those dreams take birth in the form of realities. This is what is represented by the heart shaped trunk of this tree tattoo. The embedded wishes in the form of roots give birth to long and growing fulfilled wishes in the form of branches.

Moreover, this shelter of life, as we have been reading about it since childhood, is symbolic to fertility and is known to spreading warmth on us. This tree tattoo also carries a legacy of stories. The most interesting one is of the Asian culture, according to who, men hung from trees like fruits until they were plucked and then they came to life.

So, the trees became the ancestors of mankind. Lord Buddha too received English testaments under the branches of a Bodhi Tree. This tree tattoo has acted as a shelter for life for many and is still serving the purpose through the art of tattoo.

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