Friday, August 21, 2009

Oriental Dragon Tattoo-Formidable and Legendary

picture of oriental dragon tattoo
oriental dragon tattoo imagesOriental dragon tattoo, taken from folklore, mesmerizes youths from all over the world. Having scales, horns, bigger nails, wings, and capacity to fire from mouth, oriental dragon tattoo is a symbol of power, freedom, and wisdom.

They come from the bottom of sea or from the top of the sacred mountains. Inked in either black-and-white or in multicolor, oriental dragon tattoos take place on arm, shoulder, back, chest, back portion, and legs.

The present image steals a wow from onlookers for its vivid colors and fantastic placement on arm. It is a blue dragon wrapped with clouds and red fires. Like other oriental dragon tattoos, it has horns; so, it is clearly a Chinese one.

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