Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maori Tattoo-Bold and Beautiful

maori tattoo designs
arm maori tattoo design pictureIt is the most fascinating Maori tattoo chiseled on the back-legs; it is an artistic permutation and combination of black fillers, spirals, and lines. Maori tattoo is exotic, vibrating, and simply eye catching, an art in itself.

Originated from New Zealand, Maori tattoo is very much popular among youths. Unlike the real Maori people having it drawn on face, lips, temples, chin, brows, and center forehead area, the young generation flaunt with Maori tattoo, also known as ‘Ta Moko,’ on different body-parts as per their choices.

Black is the main color. Though, blue-black, green, red, and brown also dominated the artistic search.

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