Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thousands of Great Tattoo Design Ideas -All In One Place

If you’re looking for great tattoo designs why not make it easy on yourself. Instead of hunting all over the internet leaving a trail of bookmarks, find yourself a great one-stop tattoo design site.

Well for one thing you get thousands of designs to choose from, all in one place. And if you started off with one idea it’s super-easy to explore your options. Chances are, you’ll find something far better than your first idea. And that’s important – you’ve got to be 100% happy with your tattoo design choice. The more you’ve seen the more you can be sure you picked the best of the best.

TattooMeNow gives you instant access to more than 3,500 tattoo designs in 40 categories AND more than 3,300 Chinese signs and words. No way you’d find this many designs browsing around! Simply pick your favourites, bookmark them and revisit whenever you like for that all-important second (or third or fourth!) impression – couldn’t be easier. You can even combine two tattoos into one, giving you more than 120,000 possibilities for a totally unique tattoo design. Of course a great tattoo design is one thing. Ending up with a great tattoo is another – not always the case when a tattooist has to work with is blurry shot off the internet. At TattooMeNow, you can print off crystal clear designs that make the difference between a disappointing tattoo and a “wow” factor tattoo.

If you’re new to tattooing, TattooMeNow has a directory of over 10,000 tattoo studios in 38 countries, plus a forum where you can get tips, ideas and recommendations from experienced tattoo artists and fans.


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