Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bullseye Tattoo-Aimed and Focused

bullseye tattoo design imagespictures of bullseye tattoosKnown for its traditional meanings, bullseye tattoo is used in modern sense throughout the world by youths; men, in general, flaunt with bullseye tattoo by mixing a contemporary fashion and attractive arts into it.

Bullseye tattoo is simple by drawing concentric circles. It means the clear aim or target or directions in life. French military first used this symbol in times of the First World War. Tattoo lovers personalize the bullseye tattoos with different other forms on various parts of the body – arm, shoulder, upper buttock, and chest.

Bows and arrows go well with bullseye tattoos. Still, like the present one, bullseye tattoo quite often attach other forms as well.

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