Monday, November 16, 2009

tattoo show 2009

The next audience participation event scheduled was the “Tight Ass Contest” –- female participants only. Had to pass on that for a number of reasons, number one being that it would only be on Sunday and I’d be in Mass. Then there was the Hot Stud Contest on Friday evening and the Hot Babe Contest on Saturday afternoon –- I guess they had to have them on separate days because turning the hose on them just wouldn’t work to keep them separated. Alas, there was the Best Orgasm Contest on Saturday night, past my bedtime. Plus, we all know that Meg Ryan would have won from her scene in When Harry Met Sally. Last but not least were the Human Suspension, Live Performances and Sideshows, but unfortunately I gave all that up when the Long Beach Nu-Pike was shut down and the Fleet wasn’t in anymore.

Tattoos have been around for centuries. The oldest mummy ever recovered is also the earliest known tattooed human being. Otzi the Iceman from 3300 B.C bears 59 tattoos. In 1769, on their first trip to the southern seas, some of the sailors in James Cook’s crew let the natives of Tahiti decorate their skin as a memory of their experiences in this foreign and strange culture. They were the first to bring those so called “Tataus,“ a former native ritual action, as a fashion statement to Europe. In the beginning, mostly native tribal symbols were done, the forerunner of today’s Tribal Tattoos.

Humans have used tattoos for a number of reasons — for magical protection, to relieve pain, for vengeance, and to declare victory over an enemy. Historically, tattoos were created to beautify, shock, or humiliate, and they could proclaim valor, religious belief, group solidarity, or personal independence.


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