Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Sexy With Tattoo Male And Female

What really makes us sexy men and women in a tattoo, often the question came when we will make it really tattoo. question there are some answers we can give,
is the design and location:

  • Tribal tattoo : this design trend current design and develop a lot of sexy layouts for men is a woman's arm is in the hip.
  • Roses : design is still much a choice for every circle because it is romantic and it can be in the breast for women and men.
  • Butterfly : This design is flexible so that it can be modified with other design suitable place for women to the hips or the stomach for men.
  • Stars : being perceived as the sense of achievement it could be a star design choices can be situated in the breast for women with the star to add some like comets and for men can be below the navel with the same design for women.
From some of the answers above is not unreasonable if you do not want it because all back to yourself.


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